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Knights of Takhisis, Kapak Draconians & Clans

Knights of Takhisis

Art by Elena “Greenedera” Zambelli May’s update brings us a lot of new features. Starting with the Knights of Takhisis, we have three new prestige classes: Knight of the Lily, Knight of the Skull and Knight of the Thorn. The Knights of Takhisis are akin to the Solamnic Knighthood in that they value honor […]

New Knights of Solamnia Classes and Object Database

Our latest update includes 3 new prestige classes for the different orders of the Knights of Solamnia: The Knight of the Crown, Knight of the Sword and Knight of the Rose. Knights of Solamnia Lore: The Knights of Solamnia stand as the greatest order of chivalry in Ansalon. Founded by Vinas Solamnus in 1775 PC, […]

Missions, Hunts, Encounters and More


Our most recent update, current to March 12th, 2024 includes a number of additions and improvments. First, we’ve implemented a number of new systems that offer additional ways to earn experience, gold and treasure. Our Missions system allows one to take on bounties to track down fugitives located somewhere along the roadways of the world. […]

Reforging, Lower Exp Requirements, Extended Quest Line and More

Dwarf working at a fiery forge.

Over the past four weeks or so we’ve added the reforge command, extended the Palanthas quest line and have fixed a number of bugs and other miscellaneous issues. The reforge command allows you to modify the type of weapon or armor you have from one type to another for a cost in gold. For example, […]

New Necromancer Prestige Class!

Art of New Necromancer Class

We’re happy to announce the addition of the Necromancer prestige class. The Necromancer class can add to either a divine or arcane spellcasting class, adding necromancer levels to any divine or arcane classes (you need to choose one or the other) you already have for spellcasting purposes. They also gain the ability to wear bone […]

Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements

Knights with lances extended, charging on warhorses.

We’ve completed another round of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. We’ve also done some work on a number of new zones, with a focus around the Sanction area. Sanction is now a fully functioning starting city. Here’s a list of what we’ve been up to.

More Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements!

dragons fighting

We’ve been spending the majority of our development time fixing more bugs, improving basic game play and converting more zones 100% over to our system. Zones that have been updated: We’re now focusing more time in bringing Sanction, the preferred starting city for evil characters, up to speed with Palanthas, including its own storyline quest […]

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements!

Plate-mailee Knight mounted on a dragon in front of a massive fire.

We’ve spent the majority of our efforts post-launch thus far in fixing bugs and adding quality of life improvements, including fleshing out our main starting city, Palanthas, more. Check the list for more info:

Chronicles of Krynn is Hiring!

Are you enjoying the game? Want to help make it better? Chronicles of Krynn is Hiring for the listed positions. Note that you can apply for, and be hired for, multiple positions. Also note that these are volunteer, un-paid positions. We are not currently hiring coders. If interested, please seek out Gicker in-game. You can […]

Chronicles of Krynn Launches!

Chronicles of Krynn officially launched today, September 27, 2023! We are very excited about this game and its potential. With a large, well-made world and using the fantastic LuminariMUD codebase, we have an excellent base to begin with and so much more to look forward to. We’ve based our world off of Age of Dragons, […]