Chronicles of Krynn MUD

Are you enjoying the game? Want to help make it better? Chronicles of Krynn is Hiring for the listed positions. Note that you can apply for, and be hired for, multiple positions. Also note that these are volunteer, un-paid positions.

  • Builder: A builder is responsible for creating new zones as well as modifying existing zones. An applicant should have good writing skills, an attention to detail (mainly spotting typos, spelling and grammar errors). A knowledge of the Dragonlance theme would be considered an asset. Scripting knowledge or the desire to learn is also helpful. The scripting is not difficult and we have documentation for it. Scripts are not mandatory, but they can make a zone much more interesting.
  • Social: A social is responsible for interacting with players. This can simply be answering questions, friendly chatting or assisting with role play plots and events. A social should be friendly and knowledgeable about the game mechanics, or at least willing to find answers from other staff when they do not know. They should be willing to devise, promote and enact role play plots and subplots, as well as assist players with their own personal character plots and role played development.
  • Quest Writers: Quest writers are responsible for the creation of quests in the game. They should have a good understanding of the zones in the game world, as well as a knowledge of Dragonlance lore. They will create quest lines, be they over-arcing plots such as the main storylines for each city, zone-based quest lines, or other quests, such as clan entrance and promotion quests, class or race unlocking quests, plot advancing quests, and so forth. Like builders, they should have a good grasp on the English language and an attention to detail.
  • Documentation Writers: Doc writers are responsible for adding and fixing help files as well as overseeing the development of the game wiki (once started). They can also assist with fixing typos found in various parts of the game. They should have a good grasp of the English language.

We are not currently hiring coders.

If interested, please seek out Gicker in-game. You can use the mail command in-game to contact Gicker as well.