Chronicles of Krynn MUD

What are we?

Chronicles of Krynn MUD is a text based multiplayer online role playing game. Modern MMOs are derived from games like ours, which are in many ways similar to MMOs except using the medium of text instead of graphics.

Why Text?

Text might seem a little archaic when it comes to games. But it actually offers incredible flexibility, both with game design and in playing the game itself. The hardest part about text is learning the commands to play the game, and getting used to a game without graphics. As developers, we are limited only by our imagination. We don’t have to do the painstaking work of creating models and animations for every aspect of the game. This gives us incredible freedom as well as speed in developing new features. As a player, once you know the commands, you can really express yourself, describe your character and your gear, precisely the way you want.

Why Chronicles of Krynn MUD?

Chronicles of Krynn MUD is based on Age of Dragons MUD, which was started in 1995 as a spiritual successor to the MUD Empire (Now Called Imperium). With a love for the Dragonlance theme and a strong desire for role play, the founders (Ron Humphries and friends) started Age of Dragons MUD.

The lead developer, Gicker, was a key developer on Age of Dragons, and is its current host. After creating d20MUD and then later joining the team at LuminariMUD, he decided to launch a new version of LuminariMUD using the Age of Dragons world.

Chronicles of Krynn now boasts an excellent and large world with many code advances brought in with LuminariMUD, as well as a shift from CircleMUD/DikuMUD-style mechanics to the Pathfinder 1st edition rule set. It is one of the most feature-heavy MUDs out there and is easily (along with LuminariMUD itself) the most true-to-Pathfinder rules MUD out there. If you’re a fan of D&D 3.5e and Pathfinder 1st edition, enjoy role play and adventure-style play, and are a fan of Dragonlance, we are an ideal choice.