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Chronicles of Krynn is a text-based online multiplayer role playing game, commonly termed as ‘MUDs’. It is set in the Dragonlance world of Krynn in the aftermath of the War of the Lance. The game is role play encouraged, meaning we encourage people to role play but do not force them to. The game uses mainly Pathfinder 1st Edition rules, with some D&D 3.5e and 5e mixed in. it is based on the TBAMUD codebase, which is in turn based on the CircleMUD codebase. Elements from d20MUD have also been incorporated. 


Dragonriders and Dialogue Quests

This month’s update brings us a new prestige class and a new quest type. The Dragonrider prestige class offers a personal dragon mount and a...

Knights of Takhisis

Knights of Takhisis, Kapak Draconians & Clans

Art by Elena “Greenedera” Zambelli May’s update brings us a lot of new features. Starting with the Knights of Takhisis, we have three new...

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16 Base Classes

We offer 17 base or starting classes: Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric, Rogue, Warrior, Monk, Druid, Berserker, Paladin, Ranger, Bard, Alchemist, Inquisitor, Blackguard, Psionicist, Warlock and Summoner.

13 Advanced Classes

We offer 13 prestige or advanced classes. These are classes that must be unlocked first and have certain prerequisites before they can be taken. They consist of: weapon master, arcane archer, stalwart defender, duelist, mystic theurge, arcane shadow, eldritch knight, shifter, sacred fist, spellsword, assassin, necromancer and shadowdancer.

13 Races

The game currently offers 11 starting races, which are: Human, Qualinesti Elf, Silvanesti Elf, Kagonesti Elf,Mountain Dwarf, Hill Dwarf, Minotaur, Kender, Gnome, Half Elf and Baaz Draconian. We also offer 2 epic races: Lich & Vampire. We will be adding more races in the future, such as other draconian types, Irda and more!

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Explore Ansalon

We have a large, detailed world that is true to the world of Krynn. With 112 different zones currently and weighing in at almost 10,000 individual rooms, there is a lot to explore. Take along your favourite mount, hoof it on foot, or take carriages or sailing ships to travel between your destinations. There is so much out there, from unique monsters to valuable treasure and equipment, quests, stories and of course, other players.

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Incredible Customization

On top of our extended race and class selection, Chronicles of Krynn also boasts 25 different skills, over 700 spells and psionic powers, and over 1,000 different feats, race abilities and class abilities. And if you don't know the Pathfinder 1st edition system well, we have premade builds for all of our starting classes, so you can learn the game without worrying about whether you've messed up your build.

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Were Hiring!

Are you interested in helping improve Chronicles of Krynn? We're always looking for new people with the right skills and personality to join the team. From builders, to social staff to quest and documentation writers, there are many ways to help out.