Chronicles of Krynn MUD

Art by Elena “Greenedera” Zambelli

May’s update brings us a lot of new features.

Starting with the Knights of Takhisis, we have three new prestige classes: Knight of the Lily, Knight of the Skull and Knight of the Thorn. The Knights of Takhisis are akin to the Solamnic Knighthood in that they value honor and law order chaos and destruction, yet their motivations are conquest and domination of all lands.

Lily knights are the rank and file of the knighthood’s army, accomplished warriors all. Skull knights are the clerical order and are often tasked with interrogations and internal policing of the knighthood. Thorn knights are accomplished diviners and wizards who eschew the rules of the Conclave of Wizards.

We’ve also added Kapak Draconians as a new advanced race. Kapaks are agile and hardy. They have naturally thick scales as well as some resistance to magic. Their saliva is powerful as well, with males able to use their saliva to poison their weapons, and females able to use their saliva to heal wounds for themselves or others.

We finally have clans going. Our starting clans are Knights of Solamnia, Knights of Takhisis, Conclave Of Wizards, Dragonarmies, Forces of Whitestone, Night Blades and Chislev’s Chosen. We’ve also adjusted our ‘who’ command display so that it no longer shows characters’ race, classes and level, but their clan instead. We’ve also added the ability to set your title with your name positioned anywhere in the title, instead of being forced to have your name at the beginning.

Here’s the full changelog:

[May 01 2024] - Gicker
  Increased account experience gains from PvE combat, and account experience will start accruing at a lower level.
  Removed the cexchange command
  Added knight of the lily class.
  Added knight of the skull class
[Apr 30 2024] - Gicker
  warriors now get a class feat at level 1
  Added the Knight of the Thorn class
[Apr 29 2024] - Gicker
  Updated the HELP CLAN help file.
[Apr 28 2024] - Gicker
  areas command now shows zone number
  Added the ability for staff to set a custom 'clan title' in place of where mortals show their clan in the who list.
  Added 7 starting clans. If you wish to start a new clan, please speak to Gicker.
  Changed the who list to show only your clan (or 'Adventurer' if unclanned) and your title
  Fixed the title system, so you can put your name anywhere in the title.
  Fixed some issues trying to target players sometimes
[Apr 25 2024] - Gicker
  You can now 'store all' to store all consumable items in your inventory to their storage list.
  You can now 'sortto all' to sort all items in your inventory to the associated bag.
  Added the autostore option. See HELP AUTOSTORE.
  Added the autosort option. See HELP AUTOSORT.
  Added a number of new areas to the areas command.
  When using the areas command, areas will now list in alphabetical order.
[Apr 24 2024] - Gicker
  Modified character/mob lookup functions to look for players first, then mobs.
[Apr 23 2024] - Gicker
  You should now be able to see and manipulate your inventory even when you can't see (darkness, blinded).
  Added the kapak draconian advanced race
[Apr 22 2024] - Gicker
  Added ability for charmies to perform more abilities and commands that were previously not performable my NPCs, grapple being one of them.
  Race restrictions removed from arcane archer