Chronicles of Krynn MUD

Connection info is: Host Name: Port: 4300

Chronicles of Krynn is a MUD, which stands for ‘Multi-User Dungeon’. This type of game predates all MMORPGs and is in fact the precursor to all existing MMORPGs. MUDs are text based games. While some MUDs may include graphics, either in-game or through custom clients or existing client GUIs, what makes a MUD and MUD is that it is grounded in text. In order to play you will need to type in text commands and the output given will be in text.

As a text game, there are a number of ways to connect.

If you wish to connect via web browser, you can do so through our game listing on Grapevine. To do so, click here.

There are also a number of MUD Clients out there. A MUD client is a special app designed specifically for playing MUDs. Some are paid, some are free.

Listed below are our suggestions:

Platforms: Widows, Linux (using wine)
Price: $30 USD (30-day free trial)
Overview: CMUD builds off the old zMUD client, and is very feature rich with a lot of built-in tools and flexibility in scripting. For those familiar with zMUD and tintin++ scripting and client commands, this is a great choice.
Download Link

Platforms: Windows, Linux (using wine)
Price: Free
Overview: One of the most popular clients out there. It can also be run successfully via USB thumb drive as well as being able to save sessions across multiple machines using services such as Dropbox.
Download Link

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
Price: Free
Overview: Another very popular choice, it provides pretty much anything a MUD player would want. Also has an active development team with new features and functionality added from time to time.
Download Link

Platforms: Android OS
Price: Free
Overview: Easily the best of the Android apps. Development has stopped for now, and sometimes there are instability issues, but even still, it is bounds ahead of the other apps on Android. The ability to create and place custom buttons makes for a much more seamless playing experience.
Download Link or in Google Play

Platforms: iOS
Price: Free
Overview: Probably the best of the iOS apps, it does a lot of things well and is a good solution for playing MUDs on your iPhone or iPad.
Download Link or in the App Store