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This month’s update brings us a new prestige class and a new quest type.

The Dragonrider prestige class offers a personal dragon mount and a number of abilities that go with it. The dragonrider can choose between becoming a champion, scion or kin to their dragon mount, with each specialization offering different benefits. As they grow in ability, they are able to tap into their dragon’s innate magical presence, offering new abilities that grow in power.

Dialogue quests are quests that can be completed by using a ‘speech skill’, such as diplomacy, intimidate and bluff. Such quests offer a greater reward when completed using a dialogue skill. If the skill check fails, the quest will offer an alternate way of completing, generally with reduced awards. This will assist in current and future story quests, in allowing quests to be completed peacefully, and without the need for breaking immersion by having players ‘OOC-kill’ their targets when the intent in the story is to speak with them.

Here is the full changelog for this update:

[Jul 08 2024] - Gicker
  Added 'dialogue' quest types, allowing quest to be completed using a 'speech' skill (diplomacy, bluff and intimidate)
[Jun 23 2024] - Gicker
  Added 'The Pristine Valley' area, entrance near Darken Wood carriage stop.
  Added a carriage stop outside Darken Wood
[May 28 2024] - Gicker
  The shop flag 'HAS_UNLIMITED_CASH' should now work properly. This has been set on the Palanthas and Sanction pawn shops.
  Fixed a bug that wasn't saving certain ability uses over game sessions.
  Fixed aggro_align flags to only trigger against the proper alignment.
  Changed resistance names for slicing, puncture and force to the more relevant names: slashing, piercing, bludgeoning.
  The staff command 'last' will now show race/class/level info for the characters listed.
  Added autogroup toggle so that any NPC that is added as a follower is automatically added to the party's group.
  Account experience cost to unlock prestige classes temporarily reduced by 90%.
  Added Dragon Rider class and associated abilities.