Chronicles of Krynn MUD


Our most recent update, current to March 12th, 2024 includes a number of additions and improvments.

First, we’ve implemented a number of new systems that offer additional ways to earn experience, gold and treasure.

Our Missions system allows one to take on bounties to track down fugitives located somewhere along the roadways of the world. Harder difficulties can be taken when working in groups, if desired. Once the bounty is completed, experience, quest points and a random treasure drop will be awarded.

Our Hunts system allows players to track down various dangerous monsters that are found somewhere out on or near the world’s roadways. These hunts are more challenging than normal enemies, and they drop rare crafting materials and hunting trophies. The trophies can be turned in for special weapon oils as well as trinkets (rings, bracers, neckwear, etc.) that offer special benefits, such as detect invisibility, or fire shield. The weapon oils can be applied to a weapon to give it a special ability, such as flame-tongue, defending weapon, even vorpal weapons.

The Encounters system adds a random encounters system when travelling the world’s roadways. There are a number of ways of dealing with these encounters, from diplomacy, intimidation or bribery (if intelligent), escaping or defeating in combat. There is a setting that allows one to avoid or seek out encounters, modifying the chance of coming across one.

We’ve added the hobgoblin and goblin races. Hobgoblins are an evil (usually) race that can benefit members of their party when grouping or using NPC followers. Goblins are effective against enemies that are larger than they are, as well as being able to escape combat situations more effectively than other races.

Please see our changelog for the other changes made:

-Reinstated level limits on gear.
-Fixed a bug where an objects min level to use has to be between 1 and 30.
-Added ability to use the charge command without a target if autohit is enabled.
-Fixed eidolon custom descs.
-Added ability for psionic powers to be buffed again.
-Added autoaugment toggle so that psionic powers manifested via buff command will use max augment psp allowed.
-Added rapid buff effect and potions to Palanthas and Sanction. These will greatly reduce the time taken to buff yourself with the buff command.
-Gave spellsword class 2 more class feats and add 1/2 their levels to fighter levels in determining feat prerequisites.
-Spellswords now get 3 channelling spells (regular/improved/greater) which will increase the saving throw DCs of any spell triggered through their weapon proccing ability.
-Reduced experience required to level significantly for the Dragonlance campaign.
-Added power word silence spell.
-Fixed a bug with reforge which was checking for gold requirement too late in the process.
-Healing touch ability no longer requires target to be 1/2 health, Dragonlance campaign only.
-Power word blind, stun and kill are new war domain spells for 7,8, and 9th circles.
-Fixed a bug with touch of undeath ability.
-Added a damage cap for NPCs on Dragonlance campaign only.
-Increased duration on assimilate psionic power.
-Last player online lists updated now as soon as any player logs into the mud, inseatd of on a pulse timer.
-Increased rate of PSP recovery for psionicists.
-Psionicists now add their Intelligence bonus to psp regen amounts.
-Added ability to clear all special weapon abilities, as well as properly save when editing them.
-Added ability to clear all object extra effects/flags with single command.
-Fiendish boon now effects all targets, instead of only good targets.
-Time stop allows players to cast spells without using actions.
-Geniekind spell effects can no longer stack.
-Increase gold on random treasure drops. Dragonlance campaign only.
-Added random encounter system to Dragonlance campaign setting
-Added mission system to Dragonlance campaign setting
-Added hunts system to Dragonlance campaign setting
-Necromancers can now summon their undead cohort even without levels in summoner.
-Added a series of feats that improve warlock power damage and DCs.
-Added level 30 warlock feat 'eldritch master'
-Can now craft with dragon hide/scales/bones in Dragonlance Campaign.
-Changed defending weapon AC bonus for enhancement type to universal type.
-Added min_dice function for coders, so they can roll dice which rerolls any dice that come up less than a specified number.
-There is now a shop west of Palanthas centre fountain that will replace lost quest items for certain quests.