Chronicles of Krynn MUD

Over the past four weeks or so we’ve added the reforge command, extended the Palanthas quest line and have fixed a number of bugs and other miscellaneous issues.

The reforge command allows you to modify the type of weapon or armor you have from one type to another for a cost in gold. For example, you could reforge a heavy mace into a long sword, or a plate mail breastplate into studded leather.

We’ve also decided to reduce the experience requirements to level across the board. The reduction will be more noticeable at middle and high levels, though it will certainly be felt at lower levels too. It is our hope and goal to create a large number of story-based quests over time, as well as provide other avenues of experience acquisition besides just killing mobs.

We’ve extended the Palanthas quest line by another 9 quests and will be continuing to work on this quest line, with the goal of adding at least a few new quests each week. Right now the quest line will take you up to level 9 or 10. The MUDs maximum level is 30.

As with all our updates, we’ve also fixed a number of bugs and made changes to improve the game play from a quality-of-life standpoint.

Here’s the changelog:

[Jan 15 2024] - Gicker
  Psionic recovery now doubles the amount of psp regen it provides.
  PSP regen now adds your int modifier to the regen amount.
  Use Magic Device skill now lets you use equipment normally too high level for you to use.
  Level requirements to wear/wield equipment is now enforced again in the code. (Not sure why it was disabled in the first place)
  Added the autoaugment command which allows for the augmenting of psionic powers manifested via the buff command.
  Psionic powers can now be used with the buff command.
[Jan 12 2024] - Gicker
  Extended the Palanthas quest line.
[Jan 11 2024] - Gicker
  Reduced levelling exp requirements across the board.
  Builders can now clear object special abilities without crashing the game.
[Jan 09 2024] - Gicker
  Autohit now works for the charge command.
[Jan 04 2024] - Gicker
  healingtouch ability no longer requires the target to be below 1/2 max hp.
  added potions of rapid buffing in palanthas (Vidgeous), Solace (Mordeth) and Sanction (Teniqua) that will let you buff yourself much faster.
  fixed the timestop spell
  Fixed necromancer arcane/divine spellcasting level bonus.
[Jan 02 2024] - Gicker
  Recall death (and other spells/powers) should now display a message when their target is immune to mind affecting spells/powers.
  Increased assimilate duration and updated help file.
  Eidolon descriptions now save over sessions.
  fixed the unholy fiendish boon for blackguards
  Added a damage cap to mobs
  fixed a bug with geniekind affects stacking improperly
[Dec 20 2023] - Gicker
  Added the reforge command. See HELP REFORGE.