Chronicles of Krynn MUD

We’ve been spending the majority of our development time fixing more bugs, improving basic game play and converting more zones 100% over to our system.

Zones that have been updated:

  • Fireside Tavern
  • Cultists of Morgion
  • Palanthas Training Pit
  • Bugbear Cave
  • Thelgaard Keep
  • Forces of Whitestone Camp
  • Solanthus
  • Vingaard Keep
  • Dargaard Keep
  • Slave Markets

We’re now focusing more time in bringing Sanction, the preferred starting city for evil characters, up to speed with Palanthas, including its own storyline quest progression, as well as continuing to add on to Palanthas’ quest line.

Here is our official changelog:

[Nov 13 2023] – Gicker
You can now drink from fountains and legacy type drink containers.
Attempted fix on angel of death and marking targets
Freedom of Movement affect will now protect against entangle.
Attempted fix to channel energy healing amount.
[Nov 10 2023] – Gicker
Fixed a bug with silence so it will apply both when casting and finish casting a spell.
Fixed bug where pick locks not working.
[Nov 09 2023] – Gicker
Improved the quality/enchantment bonus of greygem shards slightly.
[Nov 08 2023] – Gicker
Fixed an issue where level 21 summons would have far less hp than level 20 summon. There may still be a small discrepancy, as level 15-20 summons had their stats ‘artificially boosted’
[Nov 07 2023] – Gicker
Fixed the unstuck command, which wasn’t accepting the confirmation code provided as valid.
Silvanesti elf cantrip will reset now upon respec
Humans should get their extra skill point each level as per normal.
Fixed the effreeti shifter class form
[Nov 05 2023] – Gicker
Reduced duration on eyebite spell.
Fixed half elf missing extra ability score points
Fixed a bug requiring you to have at least one point spent in sleight of hand to be able to attempt picking locks.
Disabled plane shift spell for the time being. We don’t have other planes of existence so far.
[Nov 03 2023] – Gicker
Made advanced and epic races require less experience to level up.
Fixed an issue with outfit crates giving two sleeves and no legs.
[Nov 02 2023] – Gicker
Added a pawn shop that will buy any item type west of the Palanthas fountain, called ‘The Silver Cup Exchange’
[Nov 01 2023] – Gicker
Added a number of magic items for sale by Jhax’s shop on market street in Palanthas
Attempted a fix on assassin’s mark ability, where sometimes the mark progress each round does not occur.
Fixed an issue with wrong mob level for some of the summon creature (num) spells
Fixed a bug where crafted items would delete over play sessions.
Adjusted the help file for acid arrow to match the existing spell mechanics.
Humans should get their extra skill points and feat when creating now
Half elves should get their +2 stat points when creating now
Ghost wolf will now scale with level, with a minimum level of 5 and a maximum level of 15.
fixed spells: portal, goodberry, magic stone, fire seeds, spring of life
Added help file for psionic vigor power
Added a donations room east and north of the central plaza in Palanthas. Can donate any item in your inventory from anywhere in the world using the ‘donate’ command.