Chronicles of Krynn MUD

Art of New Necromancer Class
Art by ArtDeepMind at

We’re happy to announce the addition of the Necromancer prestige class.

The Necromancer class can add to either a divine or arcane spellcasting class, adding necromancer levels to any divine or arcane classes (you need to choose one or the other) you already have for spellcasting purposes.

They also gain the ability to wear bone armor at reduced arcane spell failure chance, as well as an undead cohort follower who they can improve using summoner eidolon evolutions. In addition, their Necromancer level is added to any Summoner levels they have for most eidolon mechanics.

They can cast animate dead at will, and at later levels greater animation at will.

They gain the ability to make touch attacks which can reduce their victim’s strength, hitroll and damroll, consitution, or deal massive damage.

They are automatically proficient with scythe weapons, and gain the weapon focus: scythe and weapon specialization: scythe feats as they grow in necromancer levels.

Here is the full changelog:

  • Added a cooldown on call eidolon.
  • Can now use look direction and dig direction using shorthand for diagonals, ie. ne nw se sw
  • Added NOMAP zone flag to prevent people from being able to use automap, map or scan in such areas.
  • Added Necromancer class and associated abilities.
  • Most eidolon related mechanics now combine summoner and necromancer level for effective level.
  • Fixed a bug with goto staff command sometimes crashing the mud.
  • Added support for moving rooms. OLC aspect not yet coded.
  • Fixed a bug with track command that sometimes crashed us.
  • Staff can now clear room flags on a room by typing -1 in the room flags screen of redit.
  • Psionic powers body of iron and shadow body now properly negate critical hits when active.
  • Fixed a supplyorders issue that was affecting non-Dragonlance versions of the code improperly.