Chronicles of Krynn MUD

Chronicles of Krynn officially launched today, September 27, 2023!

We are very excited about this game and its potential. With a large, well-made world and using the fantastic LuminariMUD codebase, we have an excellent base to begin with and so much more to look forward to. We’ve based our world off of Age of Dragons, a MUD founded in 1995 and where the lead developer, Gicker, first started developing MUDs along with many others who were part of the team at Age of Dragons.

We have big plans for this game, and here is a list of some of what we have planned:

  • Add more races, including the other draconian types: bozak, kapak, sivak and aurak, plus Irda and some of the monster races, like goblins, hobgoblins, and ogres.
  • Add prestige classes for knights of solamnia, wizard of high sorcery and dragon riders, and that’s just getting started.
  • Add more iconic Dragonlance zones, such as Mithas and Kothas, the Blood Sea, Sunken Istar, Northern and Southern Ergoth, Sancrist, Mount Nevermind, Thorbardin, Silvanesti, Tower of High Sorcery in Wayreth and Wayreth Forest, Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas, Floating Citidels, Kalaman and more.
  • Add in actual Dragonlances! Players will have to collect the Hammer of Kharas, The SIlver Arm of Ergoth and Dragonmetal, and then forge the Dragonlance themselves. It will be a high level item, and there will be both footman’s lance as well as mounted lances for the dragon rider class we’ll be adding.
  • Implement some of the other LuminariMUD features, such as hunts and bounties.
  • Expand upon and improve the existing crafting system.
  • Add in main storyline quests for Palanthas, Solace and Sanction. The Palanthas quest line has already been started.
  • Add in more features and tools that will assist with role play and improve immersion, such as an introduction system, character backgrounds, a journal system, and a role play reward system that will allow people to progress their characters through role play.

As a staff, we are always interested in our players’ feedback, and much of what has been done in the past has been based on feedback and input from our players.

We’re also hiring staff for those interested. See this post for more info.